Sound System Design
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Sound System Design Service

Emphasis within sound system design has always been on the quality of sound provided for the audience. This quite rightly remains the case, however, as other considerations such as environmental issues have developed and been subject to legislation. Various other factors now have to be taken into account – among these is the effect noise has on surrounding areas.

Using conventional speakers and audio equipment, it is possible to identify areas that require high volume sound and focus high levels within them – by carefully considering speaker selection, placement, fixing methods and overall control using a Digital Signal Processor.

Due to the constant demand for us to provide strict control in noise sensitive locations, we have developed software specific to our needs. Standardised process limiting can leave audio with a harsh over compressed end sound, but by utilizing our own multi-stage limiting module we are able to restrict maximum volume levels within any given venue without impacting on the quality of sound and without the need for installing the dreaded “cut off” limiting device.

Underlying all of our work is the goal of providing our clients with the best quality of sound and maximum volume level achievable in each and every project. We honestly believe we are in the best possible position to provide this service and take pride in having an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients to testify to this.