Soundproof Marquee
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Soundproof Marquee

We’ve designed a soundproof marquee lining through extensive research that is both extremely effective and very easy to install – offering up to a 25dB(A) reduction in noise.

Marquee Noise Control

Controlling noise emanating from marquee events has been a core part of our business since we started Direct Acoustics.

We already offer a proven solution to amplified sound, the Zone Array – and have now developed a soundproof marquee lining that will significantly reduce the impact of non-amplified noise sources.

Using our expertise and experience in dealing with marquee sound, our lining system has been designed specifically to act as a noise reduction barrier wherever it is required.

A Very Common Noise Issue

The clear-span marquee, with it’s modular design and lightweight PVC lining, revolutionised the events industry by making it possible to deliver and erect a weather tight event space in just a few hours.

PVC, although perfect for the task of holding out the elements, does almost nothing at containing sound – specifically the lower bass frequencies within a marquee.

Soundproofed marquee installed close to hotel,
Marquee installed in grounds of college, acoustic linings used to soundproof

Acoustic Marquee Linings

By utilising multiple composite materials, working in conjunction with a weather resistant covering, we are able to add both mass and absorption, two crucial aspects of soundproofing, to an existing marquee structure.

Similarly to standard marquee linings our soundproof panels slide straight along the Kader channel making them easy to install and further assisting with acoustic performance.

Our acoustic linings can be installed in conjunction with the marquee’s erection and are modular in design, enabling us to cover walls and roof dimensions of any kind.

Soundproof Marquee Projects


If you have any questions or queries about how the Soundproof Marquee linings or any of our other services may be able to assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.