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Direct Acoustics provide a complete service – we supply soundproofing products and materials, either to be installed by you, or, we have a fully trained team to carry out acoustic treatments to the highest possible standards.

Acoustic technician using drill to make soundproof window frame

Sound Advice

Acoustics and noise control are complicated subjects, the variables are always great and therefore the solution we suggest will depend on the exact requirements of your project.

We’ve spent years building up an expert knowledge base to provide you with practical acoustic advice around the best ways of attenuating whatever noise sources or specific frequencies are causing an issue.

Getting the correct advise earlier on will save you time, money and effort.

Planning, preparation and performance

In acoustics the margins are small – products specified, methods used and quality of work make a huge difference to any soundproofing treatment. We don’t cut corners at any stage of the project.

  • Knowledge based advice
  • Best possible methods
  • Expert planning
  • Highest quality products
  • Professionally trained installation team
Sound Proof wall with acoustic fibre and high density sheeting
Recordind Studio Sound Proofed With Closable Acoustic Window

Best Through Experience

We’ve been solving noise issues throughout the UK for years and utilise many techniques that are unique to our company.

We were onsite doing it last week, we’ll be onsite doing it next week and are recognised leaders in the market of entertainment noise control.

Soundproofing Projects

Sound absorption vs Sound insulation

When people think of soundproofing there are generally two separate concepts that might be thought of. Sound absorption refers to how efficient a material or surface is at absorbing sound that reflects from it – this is relevant when we are considering reducing the reverberation time of a room. This would be desirable in order create an environment that will allow for a professional audio installation or when the aim is to improve voice intelligibility.

Acoustic Technician screwing high density boards to frame

Sound insulation is relevant when the overall aim is to stop sound transmitting from one place to another where is it not desirable – thus becoming a noise. When identifying the best practical means for attenuating noise, the first key factor to establish is the transmission path. In a building noise can be created from both airborne and impact sources.

Airbourne Noise

Airborne noise typically starts its life from a sound source such as the mouth, loudspeakers, stereos or televisions. Sound waves transmit through the air initially, but then may travel into the structure of a building – causing a nuisance in another room or sensitive location.

Impact Noise

Impact noise typically originates from contact between two surfaces, i.e people walking, jumping or dancing, as well as chairs being moved or a washing machine vibrating.


If you have any questions or queries about how the Soundproof Marquee linings or any of our other services may be able to assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.