Direct Acoustics Zone Array - The Directional Sound System
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Zone Array

Zone Array is a highly directional speaker system that contains sound within the selected areas. It it used extensively to control noise from entertainment venues – available for sale and short-term hire.

Highly Directional Speaker System

The Zone Array is our flagship product. Engineered through years of research and experience in  addressing the problems faced by noise sensitive venues – it provides an unprecedented level of control in directing sound.

The Zone Array has been used as a turnkey solution to noise in marquees, nightclubs, hotels and bars across the UK and Ireland. We offer the system for purchase and also for short-term hire. 

As a modular speaker system, it can be tailored to suit your specific architectural and environmental requirements. As a solution to the most common environmental health noise concerns, it provides an excellent alternative to conventional soundproofing.

Zone Array Installation

We can fix a Zone Array permanently into a ceiling or our installation team can attach it to existing marquee fixings using Cader clamps and an aluminium frame in a matter of hours. We always employ excellent sound technicians to configure the processing software that is at the heart of the operation once the Zone Array is in place.

Whether you want a bespoke designed Zone Array to take pride of place on the dance-floor or if the sound system needs to be integrated subtly into the architecture, we love to be creative in design. By facilitating new event spaces in noise sensitive areas or by offering a turnkey solution to existing noise issues, the Zone Array sound system has the potential to revolutionise your venue.


Nightclubs & Bars


Event Spaces

Zone Array vs Standard PA Speakers “Drop-off” Comparrison

Outperforms Standard PA by over 15 Decibels

The modular design of a Zone Array enables hundreds, or even thousands, of loudspeakers to be installed on a single plane. Due to the way in which these speakers are aligned the system becomes highly directional. Engineered to focus on troublesome frequencies, it has been designed specifically to provide a targeted sound solution to noise sensitive venues. The unique configuration of the Zone Array results in volume levels dropping off at much faster rate when compared with the use of a conventional speaker system.

Much of the system’s integrity is hidden from view; at every level the highest quality materials have been used. Inside each panel of speaker drivers an acoustic foam further controls energy spill.

Zone Array Projects

Designed to your Acoustic Requirements

No two Zone Array systems we sell are the same. We work with each individual client to plan a system that suits your situation. We employ only the best technicians and consultants to work with you in planning a bespoke system that fits your specific needs precisely.

The system is highly engineered, employing the highest quality speaker drivers, and assembled by a skilled team of technicians at our workshop in West Sussex. As we produce everything in house we are able to discuss your specific needs and tailor panels to meet them.

The Complete Solution

In addition to the Zone Array speaker system we can advise on sound proofing solutions for your venue to suit the specific needs of your situation. We have worked extensively in marquees, where clients have often found they are getting far better results from the Zone Array than by using conventional measures such as marquee acoustic linings or acoustic baffles.

In venues where we have installed the Zone Array into a ceiling we can supplement the benefits of the highly directional sound system by employing a wide range of acoustic insulation materials.


If you have any questions or queries about how the Zone Array or any of our other services may be able to assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Creating A Soundproof Marquee

Whenever a noise issue arises, our initial thought process naturally tells us to introduce some kind of barrier (soundproofing). Unfortunately, the science of controlling sound is complex and acoustic energy is especially good at finding any weaknesses your soundproofing will inevitably have. Zone Array controls amplified music at its source – meaning therefore that instead of fighting the losing battle of soundproofing a marquee, the fact a marquee attenuates almost nothing does not matter. High volume levels are targeted to those that need them leaving everyone else in peace.

Within a rigid frame marquee installation is relatively simple – using Cader Clamps to provide the fixing points needed and then installing a bespoke aluminium frame to house the system. The system’s orientation generally follows the marquees pitch and when the linings are pulled back the system is completely hidden from view. Within other forms of temporary structure it is possible to build a bespoke frame which houses the system, or just use aluminium trussing which can be erected for one-off or short term event spaces