We solve noise problems

We solve noise problems

Our Solutions


A highly directional speaker system that provides sound where you need it and silence where you don't


Venue specific barriers and enclosures to protect your neighbours from noise


The perfect solution to controlling noise in clear-span marquees & temporary structures

We assist in controlling amplified music, obtaining licences and planning consent for entertainment venues in noise sensitive locations. 

Our Approach

Get in touch

We’ll have a chat to get to know you, your venue and understand your noise problem. From here we can begin to build a picture of how we can work together.

Data Collection

Once we have a good idea of your situation, we’ll come visit you. We’ll collect detailed acoustic data and meet anyone involved in resolving the problem.


Using the data we collect, information from you and our experience in acoustics we’ll create a custom proposal that offers the best solution to your situation.

How we help our customers


Our Experience

We are noise specialists that solve acoustic issues all day, everyday. Something that is out of the blue and unexpected for you will be something we have dealt with and resolved before.


A Unique Approach

We are really passionate about this very specialist industry. Being engrossed in it and through constant analysis we have developed an extensive range of solutions to overcome any concern.


We’ll Support You

We don’t just provide a solution and walk away, you will receive our continued support. With our team of in-house technicians we can provide both on and off site assistance for anything you need.

The best solution to your noise problem

The best solution to your noise problem