Oakley Hall, Hampshire

Oakley Hall, Hampshire

Oakley Hall is a Georgian manor dating from the 18th century now converted into a luxury 50-bedroom hotel with restaurants.

The Setting

Having already had a marquee on the site for the previous fifteen years, Oakley Hall needed to re-apply for planning permission in order to keep a marquee in their grounds. They made the decision to invest in a replacement structure to upgrade their offering, and as a part of their planning application they were required to undertake an impact assessment of the existing marquee whilst events were in operation.

The General Manager at Oakley Hall approached us to make the impact assessment and to provide acoustic consultation services to support this planning application.

The Solution

In the process of our discussions with the client we helped to advise on questions such as the glazing to be used in the new marquee, entrances and exits, as well as producing acoustic modelling for elements of the construction and other strategies which could improve the sound reduction the marquee itself could provide.

The client was very interested in our newly developed acoustic linings, which incorporate a combination of mass loaded materials and acoustic foams, a significant development from similar, previously available linings which offered little attenuation, and something which we had been developing in our research facility in Sussex over a number of years.

We specified our heaviest weight acoustic lining for the new marquee (our linings are available in three weights to suit different structural limits on different marquees) and in close discussion with the marquee manufacturer and their engineers we fabricated acoustic linings which seamlessly attach in the Kader channel of the marquee, providing a flush, elegant finish.

We were involved with the client from start to finish, and able to advise at every stage of planning and implementation. In real terms, this project refreshed the function space available at Oakley Hall, providing their clients with an outstanding wedding venue which in acoustic terms is completed to an excellent standard, whilst saving them from building a permanent construction at a much greater cost.

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