Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Established as England’s first ever public picture gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery is a unique and architecturally intriguing venue.

The events team have been holding events for years, predominantly within the gallery itself however occasionally the need for larger parties to be held within the grounds of the venue arises.

Historically a few events have seen noise complaints occur, understandably considering neighbouring properties are just 83 metres away. This proved an issue for one particular couple who needed to obtain a TENS licence from Southwark Council. As is becoming often with granting TENS applications, Dulwich Picture Gallery needed to prove noise emissions could be controlled to meet relevant criteria and ensure complaints would not occur.

This involved Direct Acoustics compiling a site specific acoustic mitigation design, incorporating the bride and grooms need for an 8 piece jazz band, 1am finish and uncompromised dancefloor volume levels.

After a night of ambient data gathering for Richard, a venue specific noise management plan and regular mediation, Southwark Council approved the TENS application in the knowledge that our heavyweight 22dB acoustic lining and Zone Array speaker system will be used to full effect to create a soundproof marquee dance tent

We had two engineers attending the event, Richard on the boundary monitoring music noise levels feeding back to Seb in the marquee who was adjusting volume levels accordingly. This enabled an internal volume level of 98dB LAeq until 1am, all without a single complaint.