Greenwoods Hotel and Spa

Greenwoods Hotel and Spa

“We are extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the zoneArray sound system in reducing noise pollution.  It has enabled Greenwoods to host large marquee functions at any time of the year without the causing problems of noise pollution, this is a huge advantage to the business.  Adam and his team have been a pleasure to work with and have always accommodated our needs and requests even at short notice.”

Claire Knott – Events Manager

An Ideal Location

Greenwood’s has established itself as a premier function venue and getaway retreat in the heart of Essex. With 39 bespoke bedrooms and large landscaped grounds, the hotel provides the ideal location to host a beautiful marquee event. In September 2010 Direct Acoustic Solutions got in touch with Claire Knott, Events Manager at the hotel, having heard about the noise problems they were suffering. Whilst the hotel has a large garden to the rear of its main building, neighbours are close to some boundaries and noise emanating from the marquee was causing complaints. As a result of this the local Environmental Health Department had issued the hotel with a noise abatement notice and instructed that if further nuisance was caused, the license would be called into review and/or hefty fines issued. This in effect ruled out their ability to host the very popular marquee events through set periods of the summer and Christmas seasons.

Unbelievable Acoustic Control

After an initial consultation and site visit, we took a demonstration zoneArray system to the hotel and showcased its ability at effectively controlling noise breakout, without needing to carry out any soundproofing, acoustic treatment or other noise reduction methods. The management teams and environmental health department were suitably impressed and a green light was given for the marquee to be erected once again. Quickly following on from this – during the month of December a series of corporate and social functions saw the Christmas and New Year in with style, and all whilst leaving the neighbours in peace.

zoneArray Specs

The system hired consists of 48x zoneArray speaker panels – set up in a split system configuration, this allowed for high volume audio to be targeted onto and contained within the dancefloor area. A background system re-enforces an overall ambiance but has been engineered so as not to affect the noise levels emitted. The Symetrix Solus 4×4 has enabled us to design a DSP which controls each input/output, setting and locking off the maximums allowed levels, the resident DJ just has to turn up, plug in and everything is ready to go.