Malta Camp 2018

Malta Camp 2018

Earlier this year Direct Acoustics had the great privilege of working with the incredible team at Malta Camp, an annual week-long event hosting 500 young people with disabilities from 23 countries around the world accompanied by 500 volunteers.



Each night after a day of scuba diving, horse riding, indoor sky-diving and kayaking, the organisers of Malta Camp 2018 put on a party for the 1000 guests in attendance with bands, DJs and karaoke that runs until two in the morning for seven consecutive nights.

Their Event:

We were approached by the Malta Camp event director James Grew earlier in the year to advise on a noise mitigation strategy for the nightly parties (more like raves if we’re honest!). They wanted to have a dance floor which was 10 x 10 meters in a marquee that was put up in the grounds for the course of the week.

The site is extremely noise sensitive, with several houses less than 200 meters from the marquee, and James was concerned about patron noise as well as the late night amplified and non-amplified music fuelling the festivities.

Our Solution:

We provided a noise mitigation plan for James, which included one of the biggest hired directional speaker systems we’ve ever installed as well as our newly produced acoustic maruqee linings – an acoustically treated baffle which uses a unique combination of acoustic foam and specially designed lining materials which we’ve been developing for the last three years to integrate seamlessly into the Kader tracks of a marquee.

We attended the events every night to monitor the sound levels and it has been a true pleasure for our team to have the opportunity to see this fantastic group of young people dancing and partying through the night, coming together in an entertainment venue so thoughtfully designed to cater for their mobility needs.


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