Mountains Country House

Mountains Country House

The Venue

Mountains Country House is a well established wedding and events venue stationed next to a beautiful Victorian manor house in the South East of England. The marquee is used throughout the summer months and also offers winter functions meaning it is consistently in use. Noise pollution began to become an issue and the venue management was instructed by local environmental health officers that should the problem persist further action would be taken. Under this instruction an acoustic lining was purchased in order to soundproof the marquee, unfortunately as is often the case the linings did not attenuate much of the excess noise and the resulting complaints were as prevalent as ever.

When the venue had to re-new its licence, objections were made on the grounds that it was causing a noise nuisance by both environmental health and local residents, in the end a temporary licence was granted but only on the condition that it would not cause any further problems. Having already tried soundproofing the marquee and without any more ideas about how to control the noise, the only option which remained was to turn down the volume and risk the wrath of the guests.

zoneArray Targeted Sound Solution

After hearing about the issues the venue was suffering with, Adam Allfrey, Sales Director at Direct Acoustic Solutions, contacted Shirley Spencer, who manages the marquee – after a subsequent meeting with the management team and hearing about the previous soundproofing measures and other traditional steps taken it very quickly became obvious that this was the exact scenario in which only the zoneArray Marquee Sound System can offer the kind of control needed to contain the high volume levels needed. An installation was quickly arranged and since then the venue has been able to offer a complete in-house audio setup, providing the perfect atmosphere for any wedding or function and without causing complaint from the neighbours.

*update* 2012

We have just been informed that the venue has been granted its full licence for the marquee to remain erected all year round.


“When I was initially approached about the possibility of using a zoneArray sound system to alleviate the noise issues we had, I couldn’t help but be sceptical after trying so many other supposedly guaranteed solutions which hadn’t worked. Since installing the zoneArray we were firstly able to trade through our first year without any complaints and have since applied and been granted a permanent licence for the marquee. I cant speak highly enough of the Direct Acoustics team and would be happy to recommend them to anyone with a noise concern.”
Emmet Hannan, Owner – Mountains Country House Events