New Hall Marquee Pavilion

New Hall Marquee Pavilion

Adding Revenue With A Marquee

The Hotel and Spa in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham is based on the grounds of what is reputed to be the oldest inhabited moated house in Britain. Since being converted in to a hotel back in 1988 it has been owned by Thistle Hotels, Bridgehouse Hotels and is now run as part of the Handpicked Hotels Group. Whilst the hotel itself is grand in every sense of the word, an event space for running functions on a larger scale was lacking and in order to cater for such events it was decided a marquee pavilion structure, erected on a permanent basis, would best fit the requirements.

A Sound Proof Marquee

With a history of noise complaints and a noise abatement previously served the manager initially began seeking out the mythical sound proof marquee. Tectonics UK who were supplying the marquee itself, recommended installing additional acoustic linings and solid sides to aid in controlling a degree of the noise spill, but, these will unfortunately not do much in stopping frequencies at the lower end of the spectrum, otherwise known as – BASS. With the sensitivity of such a venue and the essential financial benefits the marquee offered no risks could be taken, and, alongside soundproofing measures Tectonics also recommended a directional speaker system would be required (read about how the zoneArray controls audio here).

Zone Array Targeted Solution

The Zone Array is now installed at New Hall, and the marquee pavilion is used for over 100 events each year. Visiting DJs are able to just turn-up and plug in to the system with maximum levels already set – leaving no risk of noise travelling over to neighbouring properties, and no risk of the marquee coming into contention with local authorities.