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what is a noise impact assessment?

A noise impact assessment is carried out by a qualified acoustic professional. It consists of technical modelling and objective measurements to determine the likely noise impact your venue/event will have on nearby noise sensitive receptors.

We work closely with regulated acoustic consultants to assess the risk of falling foul of environmental health officers, acoustic guidance and your neighbours. We then design mitigation systems which control sound propagation without reducing the enjoyment of guests.

To find out more about our marquee soundproofing options, speak to one of our acoustic experts.

Do you need a Noise Impact Assessment?

If seeking Planning or Licencing permission or a single events TENS notice, your local council will likely ask for a noise impact assessment to be submitted. A noise survey is key to heading off any problems

Who complains about noise?

Mainly neighbours. It’s vital to talk to them in advance about your events and explain what you are planning. Local authorities act on complaints and enforce notices such as a Noise abatement notice.

What information does a noise impact assessment use?

We initially gather information about the venue and type of events held, including the location, live acts or recorded music, times when music is operational and the number of events held per year.

How is noise measured?

The decibel, or dB, is the standard unit of acoustic measurement. Decibel levels are assessed as average noise, or dB(A) and peak noise, or dB(C). For events db(A) is the key measure. An initial measurement survey should be conducted to assess the underlying background level without events in operation. This provides a baseline level to compare either calculated or live measured event noise levels against, ensuring disturbance does not occur.

Who can carry out a Noise Impact Assessment?

Any acoustic measurements should be taken by a person certificate in the Competence in Environmental Noise Measurements. These measurements can then be used by a qualified acoustic consultant to complete the impact assessment.

How do Direct Acoustics carry out noise assessments?

Direct Acoustics will undertake all the required data gathering exercises and work directly with highly experienced, qualified consultants to provide the objective technical report for your venue.

Is your venue making too much noise?

Too much noise can get you into trouble. From complaints to shutdowns, fines and even convictions, badly planned events can end up going wrong very quickly.
It is important to not just focus on the overall level of sound, but also the impact of certain frequencies, specifically low thumping bass as this travels furthest.

When you first talk to us, we will always start by gathering all the information we need to help your special occasions go without a hitch. 

Our approach is to get a full picture of your plans, especially:

Do noise impact assessments help with complaints from neighbours?

Everyone knows that a loud party risks upsetting the neighbours. We always advise that you talk to neighbouring properties so that they know what you are planning. Taking the trouble to talk often helps to head off complaints.

A noise impact assessment provides further evidence to your neighbours that you are doing things properly, and that you are staying within pertinent guidelines.

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Do noise impact assessments help with local authorities?

Providing that you have used a professionally qualified consultant, you can demonstrate to environmental health officers and local authority that you have followed the correct procedures. Standing up to complaints armed with a proper report is much more likely to stop any action being taken.

When applying for a licence (called a Temporary Event Notice) or other planning & licensing permissions, a trustworthy noise assessment will provide strong evidence for the authorities to permit the application. Noise is often the biggest hurdle!

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Will a noise assessment report help my event?

Yes! The report will cover the full impact of the noise that will be generated and include, if required, a range of mitigation suggestions that make use of our state-of-the-art sound management technology. There are two main ways we can solve noise problems.

Zone Array, our highly directional speakers focus sound within a specific area i.e the dancefloor, and significantly reduces in volume level as you step away from it – 10dB in the first metre!  Essentially keeping the decibel level up on the dance floor, but toning it down in the surrounding areas. 

If concerned about the acoustic nature of live instruments and or patrons screaming and shouting, our range of UKAS Accredited acoustic linings significantly reduces the sound coming out of a temporary structure.

Upon installation, our team of sound and acoustic engineers will undertake a commissioning process throughout an evening to esure volume levels are limited to meet pertinent acoustic guidance outlined within your impact assessment.

For many of our projects, we will also attend your first event where our on-site presence is part of our detailed approach to making sure your venue is a resounding success.


See more on how we deliver outstanding results every time and get in touch now to find out more about noise impact assessments.

Why choose Direct Acoustics? 

Direct Acoustic Solutions successfully deliver engineered and tailored sound systems to a range of clients. Our noise solutions are trusted throughout the UK and Europe and we are proud to provide industry leading noise control systems to solve a number of sound related issues faced by venues, businesses and residential clients. 

Our tailored solutions give you access to our expert sound control engineers who are happy to guide you through the required steps you need to take to gain approval for event licensing requirements, urban planning and local authority restrictions. Our personalised recommendations are provided with your budget and unique requirements in-mind. 

Since 2009 we have manufactured our directional speaker system from our business premises in Sussex and we are able to visit you to provide a demonstration of how our soundproofing system can transform the sound and noise pollution problems suffered by your venue. 

Our directional speaker systems are usually sold to venues, who recognise the benefits of owning their own sound control system. However, we are able to provide systems for hire, which is especially useful for one-off events. 

What our clients say

“The background ambient noise levels in Shilstone’s surrounding Devon countryside are exceptionally low and presented some real challenges which DAS were able to address with real efficiency. Their whole package from Assessment to after sales/servicing is brilliant; and to cap it, through following advice from DAS regarding use of the Zone Array Shilstone did not receive one music related noise complaint during 2018!”

Shilstone House – Devon

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Shilstone House external with wedding ceremony in progress
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