The clear-span marquee revolutionsed the events industry

With it's modular design and lightweight PVC they've made it possible to deliver and erect a weather tight event space in just a few hours.

Unfortunately PVC, although perfect for the task of holding out the elements does almost nothing at containing sound – specifically the lower bass frequencies within a marquee.

How do you know if you need to soundproof a marquee?

pssst… hover over the tiles below to see examples on how you could be affected

How long is the structure up for?

Depending on how long your structure is up for different legislation can affect you

You have more than three events?

If so you're going to need to consider how to mitigate against this

What are the main sound sources?

Amplified music has a much greater impact on the environment but even unamplified sources can cause a problem

You have bands and DJ's performing​

Amplified music will travel a lot further, especially the bass frequencies. If you're not able to control these then your neighbours could be disturbed.

How far is the nearest property?

We call this the nearest noise sensitive dwelling (NSD) and the distance to it has the largest influence on the impact of noise

A house 95m's away

Less than 100 meters and you're in a highly noise sensitive environment. Without suitable mitigation then even unamplified noise like guests laughing can be considered a nuisance

What do your answers mean?

Depending on your answers you may be safe to carry on without any work but if you think you might be causing a noise issue then don't worry we can help.

The best thing to do at this point is get in touch with us, we’re always happy to chat about your venue and we can often make some immediate recommendations.

Two approaches to resolving a noise problem

Control At Source
Highly Directional
Plug and Play
Set volume limits that cannot be exceede
Will not cut power like a noise limiter
Control At Boundary
Absorbs sound and reduces reflections
Leaving the venue looking the same
Can be retrofit into buildings
Not as effective as controlling at source

How do we solve noise problems?

We've developed the two best solutions for controlling noise.

Zone Array

A highly directional speaker system that controls sound at source. Installed in a marquee, tipi or structures roof it contains the music to only the dancefloor, significantly reducing the impact of noise in the surrounding area. 


– Highly Directional

– Plug and play for any band or DJ

– Hard volume limits keeping you compliant with licence

– Will not cut power like a noise limiter


Acoustic Lining

Reduce the impact of noise by installing an Acoustic Lining. Using the Kader track in your marquee we can install the lining within hours and place decorative linings in front so it’s hidden from sight.


– Can be fitted to any clear-span structure

– Perfect for a temporary event or installed permanently

– Hidden behind decorative linings

– Improves the thermal insulation


Interested in learning more about soundproofing a marquee?

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat. With over 10 years experience we’re ready to solve your noise problem!