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Directional speaker systems transforming the way venues control sound

Engineered to control sound at source, our UK sound engineering team deliver innovative and effective noise control solutions to venues and event spaces looking to solve problems caused by entertainment and music noise. Our directional loudspeaker delivers a narrow beam of sound to a desired area, reducing the sound around the targeted area by 75%. 

To find out if a directional speaker system is right for your venue, contact one of our acoustic experts.

downward arrows illustrating zone array directional speaker action

Highly Directional

Directional array speakers target specific areas with music. It is most focused at low frequencies.

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Complete Control

Our array speaker installations include a detailed commissioning process to set maximum volume levels.

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A Zone Array is adaptable for any type of venue. Installed for permanent or temporary events

Sound array systems suitable for every venue


We work closely with a variety of clients looking to benefit from a sound array system for their particular noise problem. As each project and venue is unique, we tailor our approach to ensure we provide you with a system that delivers the solutions you need to easily control your noise. 

Our sound engineers know that your venue needs to meet strict sound guidelines to be able to meet their Planning & Licensing requirements. Our directional sound system can provide you with a solution to your problem; giving you greater control over where sound is heard and reducing the restrictions given to your venue by local authority event licensing departments. 


Designed to control entertainment noise, our sound array system is called Zone Array and is successfully used in a variety of different venues through the UK and Europe, including:

Sound where you need it, silence where you don't

Directional sound using Zone Array: a directional sound system engineered by acoustic experts.

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What is a directional speaker?

Directional speakers allow you to direct your sound directly to your audience. For example, by using a directional speaker you can effectively target your audience without creating noise issues in the surrounding environments.

This type of sound control system is particularly useful in wedding and entertainment venues that may be situated near to residential areas. 

Whilst traditional speaker systems are designed to amplify sound over a wide area, directional speakers are designed to focus their sound to more precise areas.

What are the benefits of directional sound?

Utilising a directional sound system inside your venue has several advantages, including: 


  • Target a specific audience with clear and understandable audio
  • Limit noise pollution
  • Comply with licensing requirements for temporary events
  • Mitigate any noise complaints from neighbouring properties or venues
  • Multiple sound sources can be used at one time

how do directional speakers work?

We’ve engineered the Zone Array to control sound at source and localise bass to the dancefloor. Each speaker is positioned to interact with those next to it.

When multiple panels are combined they utilise “Wave Interference” and “Phase Cancellation” to create a total area that mimics a single speaker. This allows us to enhance lower frequencies that are focused only on the dancefloor.

As soon as you step away from under the system the same phase cancellation removes any bass and reduces the volume by 75% in only 2m.

We believe there is no better way to explain the benefits of our industry-leading directional speaker system than by experiencing it yourself. Our UK based sound engineers can be found travelling between our clients venues and sites or in our Sussex hub where we can meet with you to give you a demonstration of our Zone Array speaker system. 

If you would like to see how the speaker system works in your venue, we are happy to set up our directional speaker systems as it would be for one of your events. By doing so, you can really see exactly the impact this state-of-the-art sound system will have on your venue. 

All of our demos are completely free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to hire or purchase any of our systems. We believe completely in our products and welcome the opportunity to help your venue really get the most out of its sound and acoustic potential.

Experience a directional speaker system in your venue with a free Zone Array demo.

Why choose Direct Acoustics? 

Direct Acoustic Solutions successfully deliver engineered and tailored sound systems to a range of clients. Our noise solutions are trusted throughout the UK and Europe and we are proud to provide industry leading noise control systems to solve a number of sound related issues faced by venues, businesses and residential clients. 

Our tailored solutions give you access to our expert sound control engineers who are happy to guide you through the required steps you need to take to gain approval for event licensing requirements, urban planning and local authority restrictions. Our personalised recommendations are provided with your budget and unique requirements in-mind. 

Since 2009 we have manufactured our directional speaker system from our business premises in Sussex and we are able to visit you to provide a demonstration of how Zone Array can transform the sound and noise pollution problems suffered by your venue. 

Our directional speaker systems are usually sold to venues, who recognise the benefits of owning their own sound control system. However, we are able to provide systems for hire, which is especially useful for one-off events. 

What our clients say

“The background ambient noise levels in Shilstone’s surrounding Devon countryside are exceptionally low and presented some real challenges which DAS were able to address with real efficiency. Their whole package from Assessment to after sales/servicing is brilliant; and to cap it, through following advice from DAS regarding use of the Zone Array Shilstone did not receive one music related noise complaint during 2018!”

Shilstone House – Devon

overhead shot of marquee at Shilstone House
Shilstone House external with wedding ceremony in progress
bride and groom dancing in marquee crowd stand in background
How well does the Zone Array Work?

Speaker Specs

Zone Array




Watts (rms)

Nominal Impedance


120 W

72 Ω

55Hz – 18kHz




9×6″ coil, Aluminium die-cast basket, 8Ω

IN: NL4 SpeakON

Link: NL4 SpeakON






600mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 75mm (H)


Perforated Aluminium

Acoustic Absorbent Foam



Black or White (as standard)

Any RAL colour bespoke

Zone Array

Model – ZA-B-NL4


Watts (rms) – 120 W

Nominal Impedance – 72 Ω

Frequency – 65Hz – 18kHz


Components – 9×6″ coil, Aluminium die-cast basket, 8Ω

Connectors – IN: NL4 SpeakON

Link: NL4 SpeakON



Dimensions – 600mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 75mm (H)

Weight – 5.4KG

Materials – Perforated Aluminium

Acoustic Absorbent Foam


Colours – Black or White (as standard)

Any RAL colour bespoke

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You have to hear it to believe it. If you’d like to know more get in touch and we’ll arrange a demo of the system.

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