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We provide soundproof structures and retrofit marquee soundproofing throughout the UK and Europe. From permanent marquee structures to temporary events, controlling noise is important and our industry leading solutions help you do just that.

To find out more about our marquee soundproofing options, speak to one of our acoustic experts.

How long is the structure up for?

Depending on how long your structure is up for different legislation can affect you

You have more than three events?

If so you're going to need to consider how to mitigate against this

What are the main sound sources?

Amplified music has a much greater impact on the environment but even unamplified sources can cause a problem

You have bands and DJ's performing​

Amplified music will travel a lot further, especially the bass frequencies. If you're not able to control these then your neighbours could be disturbed.

How far is the nearest property?

We call this the nearest noise sensitive dwelling (NSD) and the distance to it has the largest influence on the impact of noise

A house 95m's away

Less than 100 meters and you're in a highly noise sensitive environment. Without suitable mitigation then even unamplified noise like guests laughing can be considered a nuisance

Direct Acoustics supports venues with a range of acoustic soundproofing solutions

Our acoustic engineers successfully assist a range of venues and temporary events with our range of soundproofing solutions.
Designed to support and help you to meet strict event and planning regulations, our engineers can work with you to give you the control you need to continue hosting events.

Designed to control entertainment noise, our system is successfully used in a variety of different venues through the UK and Europe, including:

Consider Potential Noise Problems

Venues with outdoor structures situated to nearby residential dwellings need to consider the positioning of their event structures carefully.

For evening events, positioning the marquee as far as possible away from these dwellings will reduce some impact however depending on your background noise climate, you may still find the low frequency content in modern pop music travels for 100’s of metres.

Soundproof your party marquee with acoustic lining

Controlling sound from the marquee is going to be one of the best ways at reducing the risk of problems associated with your marquee’s noise.

Our acoustic lining delivers sound absorption up to Rw32db, and directional speakers contain music to the dance floor. 

sound absorption gradient illustration

how to soundproof a marquee

Though marquees are fantastic solutions for venues looking to host events outdoors, the materials they are manufactured in do little to contain sound from PA systems being used inside them.

This can cause a variety of problems for venues, with noise complaints from nearby neighbours enforcing planning & licensing authorities restricting the number of events able to be held each year and the operational finishing time.

Direct Acoustics helps solve these outdoor sound control problems with a range of marquee sound control solutions.


Our noise solutions to resolving marquee noise problems

how do i know i need to soundproof my marquee?

With live acoustic instruments, amplified music systems and patron noise to contend with it can be difficult to control the various sound sources and reduce its impact on the local environment without compromising your event.

If you are hosting events using a marquee and are within close proximity (up to 500 metres) to residential dwellings then you must plan to manage potential sound pollution issues before they escalate into official complaints as this can result in facing strict penalties enforced by local authorities.

Get in touch and we would be happy to offer advise tailor-made solutions for your location and event.

Experience a directional speaker system in your venue with a free demo.

Why choose Direct Acoustics? 

Direct Acoustic Solutions successfully deliver engineered and tailored sound systems to a range of clients. Our noise solutions are trusted throughout the UK and Europe and we are proud to provide industry leading noise control systems to solve a number of sound related issues faced by venues, businesses and residential clients. 

Our tailored solutions give you access to our expert sound control engineers who are happy to guide you through the required steps you need to take to gain approval for event licensing requirements, urban planning and local authority restrictions. Our personalised recommendations are provided with your budget and unique requirements in-mind. 

Since 2009 we have manufactured our directional speaker system from our business premises in Sussex and we are able to visit you to provide a demonstration of how our soundproofing system can transform the sound and noise pollution problems suffered by your venue. 

Our directional speaker systems are usually sold to venues, who recognise the benefits of owning their own sound control system. However, we are able to provide systems for hire, which is especially useful for one-off events. 

What our clients say

“The background ambient noise levels in Shilstone’s surrounding Devon countryside are exceptionally low and presented some real challenges which DAS were able to address with real efficiency. Their whole package from Assessment to after sales/servicing is brilliant; and to cap it, through following advice from DAS regarding use of the Zone Array Shilstone did not receive one music related noise complaint during 2018!”

Shilstone House – Devon

overhead shot of marquee at Shilstone House
Shilstone House external with wedding ceremony in progress
bride and groom dancing in marquee crowd stand in background

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