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Syon Park

A 21st birthday party that posed the challenge of needing to deliver exceptional volume levels with people sleeping less than 80m’s away. We created a one of a kind marquee to achieve it.


The 200 acre London residence of the Duke of Northumberland with its grand 16th century house makes Syon Park a picturesque and unique venue. Looking to celebrate a 21st in style, the client chose the site but understood it couldn’t accommodate the size or style they desired and opted to use a temporary marquee attached to the rear for the main party.

However, this posed an issue, less than 50m’s from the marquee were a number of houses. The proximity of these dwellings meant noise disturbance would be an issue, especially with the client wishing to party until 4am


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Unrestricted dancefloor level and a 4am finish time with neighbours less than 80m’s away meant any typical audio setup would always cause a noise poblem


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Employing multiple layers of composite soundproofing including our innovative Acoustic Lining alongside the Zone Array, unique bass floor and standard PA we created a one off acoustically enclosed marquee


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Working alongside multiple organisations we ultilised a control at source and boundary strategy to allow a 100dB dancefloor level with no impact to nearby residents


Direct Acoustics were approached to work in conjunction with the acoustic consultants, production company and marquee supplier to create a bespoke solution for the event. Considering the proximity, low ambient level and required volume level on the dancefloor it became clear that we’d need to employ our full range of products to meet the brief. 

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After extensive planning and coordination with all parties we formulated a mitigation plan. Our team, collaborating closely with suppliers, worked within a tight timeline to install the solution in the 15x15m marquee with a 4m leg. 

We fitted a double layer of our marquee acoustic linings combined with traditional soundproofing in the marquee totaling 4000Kg’s, achieving an impressive 48dB Rw Ctr. 

A 112 panel Zone Array was installed in conjunction with a standard PA and a unique vibrating bass floor giving the acoustic consultants complete control over volume and frequency specifics. 



The consultants were onsite to monitor the event and reported running the dancefloor at 100dB whilst having no audible impact on the nearby residents. In fact they ended up turning down the system because it was too loud for the guests!  

The combination of the bass floor and Zone Array created a unique setup complimenting each other. They delivered great results across the spectrum of sound whilst maintaining complete control in where and how much sound was present. Add in the extensive soundproofing we installed to absorb the excess sound energy and we ended up with a one of a kind environment that performed beyond expectations!

How well does the Zone Array Work?
Dancefloor Level
Boundary Level

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