Acoustic Lining

There is a way to soundproof your marquee

marquee acoustic linings

We’ve created a range of acoustic linings, each designed to control sound sources getting in or out of your marquee.

Exceptional Sound Absorption

Up to Rw32dB of sound absorption.

Fit's 3 & 5m Bay

We manufacture in a range of sizes to fit whatever marquee you have.

Kader Channel

Utilising the Kader channel we can install quickly and seamlessly.

What our clients say

“We have worked with Direct Acoustic on several projects; they have always been very supportive and professional with every aspect of our requirements. They have always supplied us with a superior product that works! 

Jon West – Hand Picked Hotels


Employing composite materials our Marquee Acoustic Linings achieve the two key functions of soundproofing, attenuation and absorbtion.

By adding mass we’re able to increase attenuation, this means we remove energy from the sound and lessen how much passes in or out of the marquee. 

We use absorbing materials, lowering the reflected noise and thus improving both the quality and level of sound inside the marquee.

Combining these composites we’ve created the most effective way to decrease the impact of noise for a marquee.

How well does the Acoustic lining work?

Lab Test Data

We can provide lab test data if you need more information on how our linings perform .

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