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Thermoline is our patented* thermal lining product suitable for a range of practical applications inside marquees and temporary outdoor structures. Using traditional marquee heating methods is expensive, so we’ve engineered Thermoline to help do the job better, cutting your energy consumption by up to 95%*.


Organisations benefitting from Thermoline insulation lining include:

Developed by our engineers to make heating and cooling your marquee easier than ever before.

Thermoline is the UK’s leading marquee thermal lining product, expertly crafted by our engineers following 10 years of extensive research.

Developed to support the fast paced marquee industry, Thermoline is designed to be used inside any marquee or outdoor temporary structure. 

With a high thermal core resistance of up to 4.56m2K/W, Thermoline has been developed with rapid deployment structures as our focus. But, its benefits are useful to many industries utilising marquee and outdoor tent structures. 

Thermoline marquee insulation being installed


Thermoline is a multipurpose marquee temperature control system.
Here’s why we think it’s worth talking about. ​​

Innovative and practical technology

Providing remarkable thermal benefits when insulating marquee roofs, walls and floors. Thermoline is able to effectively deal with all forms of energy transmission including conduction and convection by reflecting infrared radiation and vapour control.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce harmful Co2 emissions by choosing Thermoline and wave goodbye to the expense and unnecessary energy expenditure associated with heating or refrigerating your marquee with just manual equipment.

No fuss installation

Thermoline is lightweight, flexible and tear resistant. Utilising standard Kader bead technology to ensure a quick installation time.

Compatible with our marquee acoustic lining

Our Acoustic Lining product can be used in conjunction with Thermoline, solving sound and heating problems with one product. Our team can provide more information on this bespoke service.

men soundproofing marquee with acoustic lining

How you can use Thermoline

Thermoline works in addition to your mechanical heating or cooling equipment​

Our patented* multilayered insulation quilt is Kader fed directly into a clear-span marquee profile for ease of installation and a near airtight seal. Thermoline offers remarkable thermal benefits, regulating a stable temperature in any temporary structure.

Thermoline reduces your energy consumption

Thermoline maintains stable temperatures, supporting both heating and cooling equipment

Thermoline is designed to make your heating and cooling equipment more energy efficient by maintaining a stable temperature. For long term usage, you’ll be able to heat or cool your marquee using much less fuel or electricity as your equipment will no longer need to work as hard.

machinery in factory rollers

See how much energy and money can be saved with Thermoline

The following is an example based on the specific measurements and temperature of a marquee used for demonstration and illustrative purposes. Energy and financial savings are dependent on factors such as temperature, condition and size of marquee. In this example, the Thermoline structure was able to reduce energy consumption by 95%.

Inside Temperature °C
Outside Temperature °C
Wall m²
Roof m²
Floor m²
Existing Structure U-Value Energy Loss (KW)
650g/m3 Wall u-Value
650g/m3 Roof u-Value
Floor u-Value
Total KW/h
Thermoline Structure U-Value Energy Loss (KW)
650g/m3 + Thermoline Wall u-Value
650g/m3 + Thermoline Roof u-Value
Floor u-Value
Total KW/h
Saving in KW/h =

Thermoline is utilised by the following industries:

Thermoline provides an easy and quick solution to the medical industries such as hospital isolation units, temporary morgue structures and rapid deployment emergency medical tents. Thermoline provides temperature control that is environmentally friendly and reduces the amount of energy consumed by your mechanical heating or cooling systems.

Retail and hospitality businesses use outdoor structures during high-peak times and now when utilising outdoor space to adapt to social distancing measures present during the winter period. Supermarkets use Thermoline inside refrigerated structures during busy winter periods.

Education establishments solve classroom space issues by using outdoor structures throughout the year. Thermoline is easy to install to keep classrooms operating at required temperature levels.

Construction industries are using outdoor structures for office, catering and breakroom purposes and require an easy to install and versatile heating system that can adapt with the changing demands of their construction projects. Thermoline, our thermal lining can be used wherever the marquee or outdoor structure is located and does not require access to an electricity supply.

Our innovative solution to marquee and outdoor structure heating caters to the vast applications in which temporary structures are used for.

Thermoline is like nothing else on the market.
Let’s talk numbers...

thermoline product detail table and mechanical properties

What People Say

See how customers are putting Thermoline to use throughout the temporary structure industry.

"We used the Thermoline product in a temporary morgue we had to erect in a very short timescale. The team were really easy to deal with, had the kit to us in 48 hours and we were operational within 3 days of making contact with them. We couldn't recommend them enough."
Tectonics UK
Eddie Primer
"Fews Marquees used the Thermoline product to insulate our Rapid Deployment body storage tents at multiple hospitals during the Covid 19 crisis. The product works very well at stabilising the temperature in marquees and can be installed in an efficient timescale."
Fews Marquees
Matt Porter
"We haven't found anything on the market as effective as maintaining temperature in marquees as this!"
Speedy Services
Tim Probert