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Are you an event organiser? or perhaps you host events on your land or in your property? By hiring our soundproofing equipment, you can make sure your events are a resounding success whilst keeping local authorities and your neighbours happy. 

To find out more about our marquee soundproofing options, speak to one of our acoustic experts.

Do you need soundproofing for a single event?

This all depends on the type of event held and location to noise sensitive properties. Get in touch and we can advise on the best course of action.

Do you want to put our soundproofing equipment to the test?

Hiring our equipment is the perfect way to try before deciding to buy and see how the system performs during an event. Alternatively we also offer free demonstrations during the weekday.

Permanent venue or temporary events?

Hiring soundproofing equipment makes sense for both temporary and permanent event spaces depending on the number of events held per year. If hosting less than 10 events per year, then hiring our systems may be the way to go.

What kind of event space do you have?

Our hire solutions are designed for temporary outdoor structures that traditionally struggle to control the propagation of noise associated with events and weddings. Installations in restaurants, historic buildings and function rooms lend themselves to a more bespoke venue-specific option.

How do you keep on the right side of your neighbours and the authorities?

Get advice on our full acoustic surveys to make sure you are hiring the correct soundproofing equipment.

What could go wrong without proper planning?

Avoid upsetting your local community and the risk of enforcement notices by making sure you avoid nuisance.

We offer full planning and installation services when hiring or purchasing our equipment

Soundproofing doesn’t have to break the bank.
At Direct Acoustic Solutions, we also hire our range of acoustic mitigation equipment. As well as cutting the cost of outright purchase, hiring will show you exactly how effective our systems are.
Even better, as a first step, you’re welcome to contact us for a free demonstration.

Designed to control entertainment noise, our system is successfully used in a variety of different venues through the UK and Europe, including:

What is the best soundproofing for event organisers?

A lot of noise is part and parcel of one-off ‘big bash’ events such as festivals, weddings, parties and company celebrations.

The sound of music, especially bass frequencies, and the hubbub of raised voices travels far. One-off events often take place in marquees which in themselves provide little or no soundproofing. 

At Direct Acoustic Solutions we are experts at soundproofing marquees. After assessing the venue and location, we have two proven sound reduction techniques. 

Acoustic linings installed within the marquee reduce the sound energy from inside to out, or vice versa by distributing wave forms and dissipating its energy. Our linings have a proven track record of significantly reducing noise emissions across the frequency range specifically targeting the low bass frequencies.

Alternatively we can control music at source through the use of directional speakers which target sound to specific areas. As a result they can increase the volume on the dance floor, but reduce the decibel level by 75% in the surrounding area.

Guests can chat in comfort within the marquee and nearby properties can sleep peacefully. We have successfully installed our soundproof acoustic linings and directional speakers for clients throughout the UK and Europe

What is best soundproofing for venue owners?

For venue owners who regularly use their land or buildings for events, it is essential to keep on the right side of the authorities and your neighbours. The critical considerations are the frequency of events, when they finish and how quiet the surrounding area is.

We use a Type One sound level meter to establish whether or not noise is at a nuisance level. With an objective measure of the noise coming from your event, we can clearly establish what soundproofing is required.

Using our advanced acoustic linings and directional speakers, our team of experts can help you achieve the right levels of noise control. Without professional advice and installation, venue owners risk restrictions on the number of events they hold, as well as possible fines and enforcement notices.

Our acoustic engineers have a wealth of experience in problem solving for venue owners. We can advise on the soundproofing approach that is necessary for venues of all kinds including:   

Marquees and other temporary structures

Outdoor locations

Hotel function rooms and bar areas

Auditoriums and concert venues

Stately homes 


See more on how we deliver outstanding results every time.
Get in touch now for a no obligation chat about hiring or purchasing soundproofing equipment and a free demonstration.

What our clients say

“The background ambient noise levels in Shilstone’s surrounding Devon countryside are exceptionally low and presented some real challenges which DAS were able to address with real efficiency. Their whole package from Assessment to after sales/servicing is brilliant; and to cap it, through following advice from DAS regarding use of the Zone Array Shilstone did not receive one music related noise complaint during 2018!”

Shilstone House – Devon

overhead shot of marquee at Shilstone House
Shilstone House external with wedding ceremony in progress
bride and groom dancing in marquee crowd stand in background

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