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How we deliver
outstanding results
Every time.

Initial call
We'll have a chat to understand what your current situation is, what the desired outcome is and collect information that gives us an immediate understanding of the next steps required.
Data Collection
Before we know how to fix your noise problem we need to understand it. We can either use an existing report or come to you and collect the data. With this we put together a detailed report identifying the right solution and volume limits.
We send you a detailed proposal that based on the acoustic information presents the best recommended solution to solve your noise problem. Along with this we send you quotes for the proposed options. We'll take the time to talk all this over with you so you can understand our justification.
Once an order is confirmed our installation team will get to work coordinating its integration into your venue. We will set a date for install and behind the scenes everything will be prepared. As the date arrives our skilled and professional team will make sure all goes to plan with minimum disruption to your business.
The commissioning process is such important part of all the solutions we provide. During this we will be fine-tuning to optimise the acoustic environment and maximise the levels you can achieve. Often this process is carried out in conjunction with local authorities or independent acoustic consultants.

Interested in finding out more?

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat. With over 10 years experience we’re ready to solve your noise problem!