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Direct Acoustics

Intelligent Acoustic Design

About Us

A little over ten years ago we saw that there was no great support for venues with noise problems, so we set out to fix that. Over the last decade we’ve grown to become the market leaders in our field. 

Problem solving is our bread and butter, it’s how we’ve come to develop the tools and gain the knowledge we use to innovate and create new solutions. Through our value of ‘professional informality’ we create relationships that matter to us with our clients and allow us to deliver the standard of results that we’d expect to receive. 

Today we are a small, incredibly skilled and passionate team that have the good fortune to work on something we believe matters and to do it with fantastic venues and events. 

Why work with us

How we work

We are noise specialists that deal with acoustic issues all day, everyday. Something that is out of the blue and unexpected for you will be something we have dealt with and resolved before.

We don’t just provide a solution and walk away, you will receive our continued support. With our team of in-house technicians we can provide both on and off site assistance for anything you need.

If you’d like to learn more about the journey from finding out you have a problem to successfully resolving it then click below.

Want to chat about your noise problem?

Get in touch, with over 10 years experience we’re ready to help you with any noise issue.