Direct Acoustics

We manufacture products that enable venues to manage their external noise footprint.

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Direct Acoustic Solutions was established after identifying a need for expert advice, products and solutions regarding noise control within the entertainment and events industry.


We work with clients ranging from multi-national hotel chains, boutique wedding venues alongside one-off events from Royal Weddings to conferences to 18th birthday parties.

  1. Noise Abatements

  2. Planning Consent

  3. Licence Reviews

  4. New Entertainment Venues

  5. Extended Opening Hours



Whether you need a directional sound system, traditional soundproofing, other specialist acoustic treatment or you just need to evaluate your noise reduction strategy; we are set up exclusively to assist in helping you meet your specific acoustic requirements.

Direct Acoustic Solutions’ team is constantly working with license applications, noise abatement notices and other soundproofing issues. By utilising the skill sets of our team we are able to offer innovative solutions and advice at any stage of this process.

Direct Acoustics saved my venue - since installing our Zone Array we've not had a single complaint

Products and Services

Services that enable venues to function without disturbing neighbours.

  • Zone Array Speakers

    • Highly directional speakers, controls sound at source
    • Unique sound control
    • Saved numerous venues
    • Turn-key solution
    • For sale and hire
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  • Acoustic Linings

    • Specially designed to create a soundproof marquee
    • High density composite
    • Open-cell mass foam
    • Easy installation
    • For sale and hire
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  • Sound System Design

    • Professional audio equipment expertly designed
    • Quality of sound
    • Reliability
    • Advanced control
    • For sale and hire
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  • Expert Sound Proofing

    • Soundproofing materials and construction schemes
    • Bespoke schemes designed
    • Acoustic materials available
    • Maximum sound attenuation
    • All works carried out
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Our client base is our number one asset. We know this because most of our new business comes from recommendations and referrals. Once the project is complete we love to hear how you are getting on and are always on the end of the phone to assist in any way we can.


Our product range is absolutely unique to Direct Acoustics. The Zone Array has provided a turnkey solution for venues across the UK where all else has failed, and we are constantly coming up with new and creative ways of helping entertainment spaces control noise.


Day in, day out we are working up close and personal with noise complaints across the country. Regardless of your situation, there’s a good chance we have previously overcome something very similar. In most cases getting the right information early on is all you need to solve an issue before it starts.