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The Venue

Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, just outside of Henley-on-Thames, The Venue is a peaceful weekend retreat, perfect for getting away from it all. When hosting weddings throughout the summer, the wedding party usually takes the whole country house and potter about the various zones within the property for a long weekend or week.


The property has close neighbours and had an historic amplified music issue, which was addressed in the barn with our Zone Array directional speakers, allowing them to meet their licensing requirements. On occasion, during a particularly loud wedding breakfast, the ambient in the day went from 45dB to a quick 10 second peak of 55dB. Due to the issues in the past, The Venue decided to nip this in the bud, before it inconvenienced the neighbours too much.


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A venue with historic amplified noise issues needed the ability to control the hubbub during wedding breakfasts and daytime activities.


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Zone Array in the barn to control amplified music and a custom designed soundproof enclosure to keep noise levels under control.


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Even the rowdiest of parties would now not disturb the neighbours!

Amplified noise control vs. hubbub

Controlling amplified music at a wedding venue can be relatively simple when implementing the correct acoustic design and management mitigation steps, because recorded amplified music in general, is constant when you have a fixed volume level.

Controlling the hubbub (loud noise or many voices talking at once), however, presents more of a challenge. Wedding guests can be raucous or meek in equal measure and a hilarious best man/women speech can raise the laughter and applause levels without warning.

The Venue Interior

Our solution

Working with the management team we designed a compact soundproof permanent enclosure on the property. A space designed to host the wedding breakfast and any other daytime activities with a heavy amount of sound insulation, to control even the rowdiest of parties. It utilised 10.8mm acoustics glass wrapped in an oak timber frame, our heavyweight MAL22 acoustic linings in the roof and two acoustic door sets. A rather lovely example of functional beauty we think.

the venue exterior

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