Tipi Soundproofing

2015 saw the rise of the tipis in the wedding and events industry and demand soared at Tentipi, the market leaders in tipi manufacturing. It soon became clear that many of these new tipi venues were having an issue achieving planning due to noise restrictions. This isn’t helped by the  fact the conical shape of the tipis often amplified any existing noise issues.

Initial Scope

Tentipi and their customers needed a solution which Direct Acoustics were asked to solve. The team were kindly invited by Jon Parr (then Tentipi’s Director and Muta President) to attend their showroom in Reading to experiment and refine our ideas.

Acoustic linings were quickly thrown out of the equation due to the complex canvas design and of course, the canvas sides will be rolled up for summer weddings blessed with good weather. One of the unique aspects of a Tipi wedding is it’s connection to the great outdoors, blurring the lines between outside and in.

The Zone Array was our only solution, but installing it without taking away from the traditional tipi aesthetic became a bit of a challenge.


red puzzle piece illustration

Installing a directional speaker system into a tipi that has low weight loading capacity and no conventional rigging point’s.

Tipi’s are almost impossible to soundproof through convention means utilising Mass. 


lightbulb illustration

A lightweight version of our Zone Array, a single metal rigging rose and some clever adjustable eyebolts with a name (Reutlinger) we still struggle to pronounce.


green graph illustration

The on-trend go-to temporary wedding structure now had a solution and prospective venues could diversify away from marquees.




Firstly we had to be sure we were adhering to the weight loading capacity and wind shear values of the Tentipi structure. This meant reducing the thickness gauge aluminium used to manufacture our speaker panels and framing , allowing 36 of the panels to be safely hung.

After thinning down the system, the team set about solving the rigging predicament, testing and proposing a number of designs, until we settled on a fix for our Tipi design.

For this unique Zone Array installation, we utilised a bespoke steel rigging rose suspended from the central peak of the tipi’s nine structural poles. From the rigging rose our engineers fly adjustable steel wire down to loading points within the rigid aluminium frame. The system’s weight is balanced using eight adjustable steel eyelets, which also allow us to horizontally level off the system. Due to the materials used and the position of all pick up points, the Zone Array can float within the structure, preserving the traditional aesthetics that a Tipi provides.


Cracking this design has proven to be extremely beneficial to Direct Acoustics and a range of tipi manufacturers like Tentipi, The Tipi Company and the great guys at Kata Tipis, allowing us to work together to provide an all-in-one solution for prospective tipi venues in unique and tricky locations.

Each installation now comes with Khaki or Tan colour coded panels, frames and reinforcement speakers that match the canvas supplied by your chosen tipi manufacturer.

Looking for a Tipi events venue?

If you’re thinking of having a tipi wedding then check out Wonderland Wedding Venues. They use great quality tipi’s and have a range of different venues that will suit your needs. 

Alternatively if seeking planning permission for a tipi site then see how we can assist your chances of planning approval with our noise assessments and we would be happy to point you in the right direction of tipi providers.

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