Virginia Park Lodge, located near Lough Ramor fishing lake, showcases the best Irish countryside.

Virginia Park Lodge, located near Lough Ramor fishing lake, showcases the best countryside that Ireland has to offer. The 18th-century hunting estate, recently restored by Michelin star chef Richard Corrigan, offers a historic venue, beautiful scenery, and locally sourced cuisine. Following an independent acoustic report in 2018, the architectural firm Hanley Taite Design Partnership suggested Direct Acoustic Solutions to the management at Virginia Park Lodge, to propose a complete acoustic mitigation solution. 

We assessed the acoustic guidance of Virginia Park Lodge, undertook a noise assessment, and created a Technical Memorandum detailing the collected data, relevant criteria, and proposed solutions to meet the standards and requirements of the venue. Utilising guidance from the ‘Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts’,  we created a bespoke acoustic solution to ensure that entertainment noise was inaudible at the nearby noise-sensitive premises. The nearest residential property is 300m to the North; taking this and the acoustic criteria into account, we found that utilising our MAL22 ThermoAcoustic Lining and Zone Array in conjunction would ensure that requirements are met and enable Virginia Park Lodge to pursue semi-permanent marquee planning successfully.


On the 21st of March 2023, we began our installation of our most effective acoustic mitigation solutions at Virginia Park Lodge. 

ThermoAcoustic Hybrid Linings

Our ThermoAcoustic Hybrid Linings combine our highly proficient attenuating Acoustic Linings and Thermoline, our patented multi-layer aluminium foil insulation lining. This combination improves upon the benefits of both systems, creating an air tight, temperature-regulating and noise-attenuating lining which can be installed into any structure.

The composite make-up of the acoustic control technologies within our Hybrid Linings employs absorption and mass to provide a high degree of control over internal and external sources. Our acoustic linings are the most effective available and have undergone UKAS-accredited lab tests to identify their frequency-specific sound reduction index, receiving a broad spectrum reduction rating of 22dB Rw.


The reflective foil & wadding technology incorporated into Thermoline is breathable, which significantly improves the thermal stability of any marquee. This temperature stability minimises condensation that forms on the aluminium components or weathering PVC , which at present is a problem when the surface temperature of the marquee is below that of the air dew point, which is common in the UK & Ireland, causing water molecules to condense and drip internally.


The efficiency of Thermoline is dependent on the structure in which it is installed, more specifically the aluminium profile depth. This is due to the unventilated air cavity formed between exterior weathering PVC and Thermoline itself.


Airspaces that are unventilated are transfer resistant. With the addition of a radiant barrier (the reflective foil) facing the still air cavity, the cavity becomes ‘low emissivity’. A low emissivity cavity blocks the infra-red radiation from the sun and enhances the overall thermal performance of the airspace providing the capacity to transform a standard 650g/m2 PVC 5.76 W/m2K U-Value performing marquee into a 0.28 W/m2K U-Value structure in a matter of hours. 


This correlates to a 95.1% energy saving, significantly reducing fuel and energy costs whilst reducing carbon emissions simultaneously.

Zone Array Directional Speaker System


Virginia Park Lodge‘s dance floor is located within a 10m x 10m pergola structure, which adjoins onto the main 20m x 20m frame. As the Zone Array needs to sit above the dance floor, and be of equal size so that it ensures full directional audio coverage, Direct Acoustics needed to design a rigging solution as this was the first pergola we’ve installed into.


Structural calculations determined that the main pergola frame could not support the 80x panel system proposed, therefore the team collaborated with Tectonics UK to design and install an internal independent ground support frame in order to suspend the Zone Array and withstand the weight loading of the additional ThermoAcoustic linings.

The Zone Array enabled Virginia Park Lodge to comply with pertinent acoustic regulations due to its highly directional design and ability to control amplified music at the source. The Zone Array achieves this through its modular design, enabling hundreds of loudspeakers to be installed across a single plane in a specific alignment and orientation, making it possible to control acoustic temperatures and volume levels within specific areas. 


Using constructive and destructive interference to develop and localise low frequencies allows the system to achieve results in scenarios of extreme sensitivity, meaning you don’t always need to install acoustic linings.


Omni Directional & Front of House PA Systems

To provide background music during the day, in addition to reinforcing speech and The Zone Array, we used a distributed audio system consisting of multiple smaller 8’ omni-directional speaker cabinets installed at 5m intervals throughout the length of the marquee.

To assist live bands we installed a Front of House PA and stage wedge monitor system, consisting of 2 x 15” top speakers and 2 x 18” subwoofers. All speaker systems, including The Zone Array, are limited to different volume levels and EQ profiles via a Symetrix Prism Process-Limiter to ensure that there is consistent audio output at Virginia Park Lodge.

The automation provided by the Symetrix Prism enables the volume levels to slowly adjust as the evening progresses and background levels reduce, allowing The Zone Array to become more dominant and take greater control of the noise output when it’s most needed.

How to upgrade your events marquee

Does your company host outdoor events or celebrations in a marquee? Let us introduce you to some game changers that will revolutionise your venue’s event experience and protect the surrounding communiies.


Acoustic Lining Sound Barriers


Don’t let unwanted noise overshadow your event’s success!

Acoustic Lining sound barriers act as a protective shield, preventing sound leakage and maintaining the peace of neighbouring residents, which is critical to keeping the community surrounding your venue happy.

By implementing acoustic sound barriers, you can significantly reduce unwanted external noise and create a peaceful and immersive environment for your patrons. Whether it’s a serene wedding ceremony or a captivating conference, ensuring that there is clear and undisturbed audio enhances the overall experience. 


Marquee Insulation


Regulating the temperature within your event marquee is crucial and can hugely benefit your business.

A well-insulated marquee creates an airtight thermally stable environment, keeping patrons comfortable and happy while ensuring that your events remain unaffected by the weather. This allows your business to run smoothly, significantly reduces energy consumption by maintaining the desired temperature more efficiently, assists in the climate crisis and saves on utility costs, thus enhancing the profitability and sustainability of your business.